Ministerial Activities
The Seminar on “Research and application of advanced technology in cement production”
5/7/19 4:40 PM

The Vietnam cement association in cooperating with Signoma Group (China) held the seminar on “Research and application of advanced technology in cement production” with the participation of the experts and enterprises operating in cement field. Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh spoke and directed the seminar. 

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh spoke at the Conference

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh said that: “At the moment, Vietnam has a total of 82 cement production lines with a design capacity of over 90 million tons/year. Besides lines with capacity of 1.8 million tons/year or more which invested in modern technology, good competitiveness, there are some lines which invested with low capacity, less than 1 million tons/year, weak competitive due to quality of product and high energy consumption. Under this situation, the Prime Minister has assigned the Ministry of Construction to study, review and evaluate in developing a sustainable development strategy of the cement industry by 2030, vision to 2050. The MoC will pay attention to issues such as: labor productivity, new equipment, new technologies to ensure energy saving, environmental protection, exhausting gas utilization to generate electricity, treatment and using waste industry and agriculture in cement production… to build cement industry to develop stably and sustainably”.

On behalf of the leadership of the Ministry of Construction, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh welcomed the Vietnam Cement Association and Signoma Group to organize this workshop in providing information on advanced technologies in the field of cement production. At the same time, he hoped that participants of the workshop would actively discuss about technologies and solutions to reduce fuel consumption, save energy, make use of waste as raw materials and fuel for cement production in accordance with the conditions of Vietnam. 

The whole working session

Speaking at the Conference, Mr Ho Toa Cam – Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy said that: “The cement industry has a history of more than 200 years of development and makes an important contribution to the development of civilization. However, the cement industry is also a polluting industry. In the current context, the global concern for environmental issues, exhaustion of resource which require the cement industry to have improvements in saving fuel, reducing emissions and limitation environmental impacts. In recent years, China's cement enterprises, research institutes, universities have actively implemented new technology and technical researches to apply the cement industry and achieved encouraging results. Signoma Group has strived to create new techniques and draw valuable experiences that will be reported at this Conference with Vietnamese colleagues”.

At the Conference, Signoma Group's research results on the application of energy saving solutions in low carbon cement production; use of 4th generation coolers in improving cement plants; apply waste treatment technology, reduce dust and emissions in cement production... attracted the attention of specialists and businesses operating in Vietnam's cement industry.

Written by: Minh Tuan

Translated by: Mai anh