For granting the contracting license, the contractors must submit the original dossier that consists the following copies:

1. An application for contracting license in the form in Appendix 1 of this Circular.

2. A certified copy of documents on the bidding result or contractor selection decision or legal contract of contracting delivery.

3. The certified copy of the Certificate of establishment (or Certificate of Business Registration of Organization) and the Certificate of practice (if any) granted in the country where the foreign contractor has citizenship.

4. The report on experience in construction operation related to the contracting work in the form in Appendix 2 of this Circular and report on the annual audit result of the last 3 years ( For the case the contractor receives the performance of the tender package not subject to required application of the regulations of the Vietnamese law on tender.

5. Contract or joint-venture agreement with Vietnamese contractors for the case the joint-venture contract has been signed upon tendering or tender offering. The contract with Vietnamese sub-contractors in case the list of Vietnamese sub-contractors was identified upon tendering or tender offering.

This Circular will supersede the Circular No. 05/2004/TT-BXD dated September 15, 2004 of the Ministry of Construction and will take effect on June 26, 2012

Number 01
Symbol 2012/TT-BXD
Issue date 8/5/2012
Effective date 26/6/2012
Expired Date null
Signer Bui Pham Khanh
Descriptions Circular No. 01/2012/TT-BXD dated May 08, 2012 of the Ministry of Construction, guidance on contractual licensing procedures and management of foreign contractors operating construction in Vietnam
Office Ministry of Construction
Type of Document Circular
Field Coustruction Activities